Working Papers

Permanent Guests: Self Selection and Economic Returns for Turkish Migration to Europe (with Sacha Kapoor and Dinand Webbink)


What are the economic returns of immigration for the migrants? Does immigration or internal migration increase the returns more for migrants from developing countries? Who chooses which type of migration? We investigate the second wave of Turkish migration to Europe from 1973 onwards that lead to at least 2 million new Turkish migrants in Europe in 2 decades mostly through family reunification. We show that immigration causes 25% increase in the long term income by comparing siblings who remain behind. Returns disappear when we compare internal migrants in Turkey to immigrants. We show that an important channel for this result is that while internal migration causes upward occupation mobility, international migration causes downward occupation mobility. Immigrants consistently hold more assets then any other subgroup which shows that they accumulate more wealth. We find no evidence of household selection or educational selection amongst the groups that are eligible for migration (low skilled rural population). Rank amongst the siblings and gender are the most important determinants of migration.

Final Poster.pdf

The poster of Permanent Guests paper as it is presented in the SOLE Conference (2022) Poster Session


The Determinants and Effect of Governmental Policies on Immigrant Outcomes in the Netherlands

This project utilizes Dutch administrative data that is provided by CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek) to investigate migrant integration in the Netherlands. Project focuses on different dimensions of integration and asks several questions: How does the school system, criminal justice system discrimination, dual citizenship laws, benefits & taxation decisions affect the migrants? How do the policies of country of origin affect migrants?

The project is awarded with ODISSEI Microdata Access Discount (MAD) grant.

Transparent Electoral Data in the Netherlands: A Database Creation Project

Currently the Netherlands does not have a public database for election results at voting booth level for any period. This project aims to gather the historical election data on voting booth level for all Netherlands.